This is your guide to the world of SAP Customer Experience Labs. A brief description of all our prototypes, and a link to the relevant articles on the blog. Enjoy!



Visual-Search. Discovery. Attribution. FashionLabs is a consumer app using visual search powered by context driven services.  This prototype shows how S/4HANA can integrate with C/4HANA to connect the... read more →

AR Soccer

Digitizing the Sales Process based on WeChat and Augmented Reality This showcase is about bringing the products of an enterprise closer to their customers and... read more →

VIVO – Secure Data Sharing

VIVO is an app that provides decentralized, secured, and self-controlled data and consent management for the field of 'consumer-to-brand' or 'brand-to-consumer' engagement. Data portability and... read more →

Intelligent Engagement

Modern facial recognition, voice analysis tools, heart rate scanners, and infrared cameras can help companies identify customer behavior promptly, interpret it correctly, and offer the... read more →


Yo!AvatAR is a gamification prototype using image recognition and augmented reality. AR-avatars are linked to various products and can be unlocked by buying a product... read more →

Live Energy

Wasting energy or letting energy go to waste are chief concerns of today's society. Sometimes it's just about creating awareness and giving an incentive to... read more →
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