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Jan 21
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Dec 10
3D printed batmobile

CCv2 and Kyma Hackathon

Last week an internal CCv2 and Kyma Hackathon took place, which happened worldwide (Poland, Germany, Canada and USA). We (Sladana, Andreas and me) from Labs were the Batman Returns Team. Our first (and only) challenge was to be in the office before 9am. Have you ever seen Bruce Wayne before... read more →
Dec 10

Video: FashionLabs Demo

FashionLabs is now featured in our SAP CX Incubator! If you think FashionLabs could be an innovative asset to your business, reach out to us and join the Incubator program. You could be among the first SAP CX customers to implement this prototype. For further information take a look at... read more →
Oct 30

Meter Reading

When the large-scale deployment of smart meters is not an option, how can you make it even simpler for end consumers to provide their meter readings to their utilities company?  This showcase explores how a social media channel can be used to bring this process even closer to the end... read more →